Monday, November 17, 2008

Long Beach Shopping Event this Friday!!


Well, whether we are ready or not the Holidays are right around the corner. So to help ease the shopping stress and cost we are offering FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all website orders from now until Dec. 31st (for all the last minute shoppers)!! Check out all the new books and gifts online. As always, if something is sold out online just call us at the store or email us. We may have it in Long Beach or be able to get it for you. We will be updating the website weekly with new items.

Some of the new items in the store this month that are online or soon will be:

New Jewelry by Wendi Grant, Anne A. Design and Kris Nations
Cute Tops by LA Made
Recycled Leather Bags by Ashley Phillips
110 Film Mini Camera Keychains
Cute Critters by Monster & Squirrel
New Egglings and much much more!!

xxoo- The Kids...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!!

It's November 4th, finally!! Hopefully everyone gets out there and VOTES!!! I'm feeling very anxious today and hopeful. We've had the Nikki McClure "Vote" poster up in the store for months now. I can't believe tomorrow we will be hopefully starting a new chapter in this country's history. Please make sure you vote and if you've voted already, YOU RULE!!